• „Šimtamečiai – 2019“: paroda, skirta paminėti prieš 100 metų gimusius Lietuvos teatro artistus

    Exhibition to Commemoration of the 100 Years Aniversary of Lithuanian Theatre artists

    Centenarians is an exhibition devoted to Lithuanian theatre personalities who would have been 100 years old in 2019. Most of those people didn't play the leading roles, but each of them was necessary for a performance to take place. Actress and theatre director Kazimiera Kymantaitė once most ingenuously observed: "There are all sorts of actors. There are audience favourites, whose voices and faces are always recognised by people, there are those admired by critics and there are "workers" – actors who just work quietly, without stirring any sensation, season after season pulling the heavy cart of a repertory theatre..."
    Ona Knapkytė (15 March 1919–14 March 2008), one of the actresses who would have been 100 in 2019, performed with various theatre companies around Lithuania, created a huge number of roles for TV films and Radio theatre as well as dubbed countless TV programmes and nearly four hundred animated movies. Other centenarians include Valentinas Ivanovas (7 November 1919–14 December 1993), who created over twenty memorable roles as a member of the Russian Drama Theatre of Lithuania; Alfonsas Dobkevičius (19 May 1919–17 April 1978), who has more than ninety roles to his credit as an actor of the Young Theatre Kaunas and Šiauliai Drama Theatre; and Vladas Tautkevičius (24 April 1919–7 January 1977), who performed with Panevėžys, Marijampolė and most extensively Šiauliai theatre companies.